It's time to "wake up" your marketing campaigns.

Are you still living in the days of marketing to prospects through purchasing online lists/leads or running google PPC campaigns?

There's nothing wrong with that .... but there are other ways to get your name out there that can be more cost effective as well.

What makes Imagine America Publishing Company different?

Most organizations either don't have the time, resources or staff to run marketing campaigns geared around building real relationships.

Imagine America Publishing Company helps colleges connect with students that are right for them, and helps employers create relationships with colleges that produce the types of graduates they're looking for.  

Rather than try to start your own community outreach program, hire more staff or spend more money on marketing just to hope your ad gets placed in front of the right people ....consider talking to us!

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We will help get your organization in front of the right people and drive interest around your product during our free trial and if not - you walk away without spending a dime.